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Me, being early like always, at my first ballet class in a looooong time. (14 years o.o)

I signed up for adult beginning ballet classes at a local university which started tonight. After much hemming and hawing about being a sausage in a leotard, I finally went for it. The class was small, only 3 people, but I got to be “that” girl with awesome turn out. That won’t last for long. Across the hall the “advanced beginners” class had former professional dancers spinning across the floor. We did some basic exercises (plié, releve, tondu, dégagé) and quickly moved on when the teacher saw we all had some prior experience. We closed with center work, doing combos of the steps we did at the barre. I found that I really need to work on my balance/core strength, and learn to release the death grip on the barre. Next class is in 2 weeks, I can’t wait!

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    I love stories of people returning to dance after a long time :)
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    That studio is gorgeous! And don’t worry; balance will certainly come in time. (Though if you want to hurry it, walk...
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